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Frequently Asked Question About Water Conditioning Services Offered in Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I tell if I have hard water?
What makes my water hard?
What is water hardness?
What is softened water?
Should I be concerned about sodium in water?
Why do my sinks and fixtures turn yellow?
Why is my dishwasher stained brown?
Why does my water leave blue green stains?
Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?
What is nitrate?
Where does nitrate come from?
How does nitrate get into my well water?
What are the health effects of consuming nitrate?
My water doesn't taste good, yet it tested out O.K. What does this mean?
Why does my drinking water sometimes look cloudy?
What is a part per million (ppm) or a part per billion (ppb)?
Why do I feel slippery when bathing in soft water?
What type of salt should I use?
Can I use potassium type salts?